The power of positive vibrations, prayer, and friendship.

5 Dec

When last I wrote I was concerned about the mournful braying of little donkey in a far away field….and more importantly about a dear friend in America, a much further away field….. who had gone missing.  The donkey it seems has found peace….hopefully joined by it’s friends (apparently donkeys in the donkey sanctuary are said to always need a friend  alongside when they go into the clinic for any kind of treatment – ahhhhh!!!)

Thanks to a social networking site, I was able to discover that my friend from America had gone missing having told no-one of her plans.  More than a week had passed when suddenly some friends started to raise alarm bells.  I heard the bells and when I didn’t receive any response to my phone calls and emails, I too started to worry.  This particular friend is a very social person and our friendship goes back some 41 years……we happened to get locked inside Beirut during a middle eastern war in the 1970’s (but that’s another story)  She had been a big help to me then, and when she eventually moved to California where I was living we remained close.   During the course of the next three days, I became involved in a series of ‘where is she?’ emails posted online….Everybody was worried and eventually her family from Europe got involved and were putting out a missing persons alert.  Her cellfone was full to the limit and as time went by my positivity began to dwain.   We were all praying and trying to keep calm but my mind was taking me back to another mutual friend who’s car went off the road when he had a stroke behind the wheel and it took us a while to locate him in some far away hospital!  I was in drama mode  envisioning her in some turmoil, thinking she may have been kidnapped or worst, by mexican gangs in Tijuana (she had in fact been stabbed once in a car park in San Diego, so the idea wasn’t exactly far off the radar……and when I started thinking of all the adventures we’ve shared over the years, it was then that I truly started to appreciate what a good friend she has been… and oh my God – how sad I would be to lose her.  At times like this I find that prayer surfaces above fear, and one reaches a peace that passeth all understanding.

At the same time I was contacted by another very close friend who had recently been diagnosed with a rare basal cell carcinoma that was threatening her health.  For her it was a big issue of possible disfigurement and the fear that she would not be able to cope- yet another attack on her self -esteem.  And to top it all the news that my frail 88 year old mother had had a nasty fall and had taken to her bed.  Was this mum’s way of saying – that’s it- let me go to sleep forever now…..It was all so very uncertain and that night I went to sleep praying for my dear mother and friends, and indeed for all the new people that I had invited into my world to share their stories…..the list it seems was growing.

I had indeed got what I asked for – as I had started this blog looking to help others. 

And so we heal was not a phrase I came by lightly but it continues to serve me well….This too shall pass  is another constant, and before I could act upon the approaching vision in the next chapter of my missing friend’s ‘Mexican ‘drama, wherein I was flying down to Tijuana to join the search, I am happy to report that she has indeed been located- and yes it was south of the border as it turns out.  We don’t know more than that at the moment except her phone had no coverage…..

The friend with the ‘ basal cell thingy’,  is feeling more in control, and we are working to try to help the her find the right path, whilst realizing that she has a lot of deep seeded issues to deal with. (nothing new there then……It seems to me that most of our health crisises are helped by getting to the root of things.)  I’m suggesting ‘tapping’ might be of help.  And mama is still curled up in bed…..and who can blame her!

….Continuing on  with the theme of friendship I was delighted to be contacted by an old friend from my days in Hollywood – Eva Jeanne – we were all young ‘hopefuls’, studying drama at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, on Hollywood Boulevard, back in the 70’s.  There was never a more exciting time, and Academy Award night each year at Eva and Joe’s was  the next best thing to being there at the ceremony….We were full of the kind of ambition one thinks will last a lifetime …..She wrote :

Dearest Pauline,
 I always promise to not lose touch and then life intervenes and before I know it, the passage of time is great.
 I stumbled on your blog today. Steve or Debbie or you must have told me you started one, but it’s lost in the mist. Some time during Steve’s drama and his exodus from Los Angeles, he told me you had the operation. He has forwarded a few emails.  I always mean to email you. I compose the emails in my head as I go about my day. I always want to convey love and support. But they never get written. Sometimes I think the saddest things start with the phrase, “I meant to…” I have no excuse.
 Just know that you are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers. Your strength and bravery and ability to see the beauty around you, no matter what, have always been inspirational to me. No more than now. Your musings, struggles, victories, all touch me deeply. There is so much I don’t understand about this life of ours. Why it is given. Why it gets taken away. How some seem to just float through and others struggle each and every minute. 
 I always comfort myself with the thought that you must feel it when you’re being prayed for, that when I send my vibrations in your direction, that you must feel the warmth. I think I’m just trying to make myself feel better. So…I didn’t want to wait again to reconnect. I didn’t want to let the time pass. I didn’t want to go another day without telling you that I love you. 
I can’t tell you how much this email touched me…….
When I got to this sentence : I always comfort myself with the thought that you must feel it when you’re being prayed for, that when I send my vibrations in your direction, that you must feel the warmth;  indeed a great warmth did envelop me, and inspire me, and greatly!  How easily we can sometimes dismiss this truth, that our prayers and warm vibrations do reach out to others especially in their time of need.
Oh Eva, thank you dear friend for reaching through the mists of time, and reminding me yet again the power of positive vibrations, prayer, and friendship.
Since I am still just figuring the machinations of blogging out, I am still not sure how to do the’ replys’ so they appear alongside the comments so bear with me.  I’ve also noticed that I’ve inadvertently underlined all the sentences in past blogs….????!!!
Oh well- I am still on the case and tomorrow being San Nicolas, a fiesta in Spain, and one that includes gatherings of folk to dissect the fattened local ‘babe’, no, not the prettiest senorita but the much adored pig…….(an age old custom that ensured there was enough on the table for winter- so no opinionated comment from me)…..just that I shall not have to attend and can  finally write more about Dottie and the charities that are helping me.
It’s that time again when the neck says…..enough…..stop typing……Time perhaps to bake some oatbran muffins……yum!!!

2 Responses to “The power of positive vibrations, prayer, and friendship.”

  1. ruth January 21, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    always great to read your writing , Paulina mi amiga , besos ruth xxxx

    • palomas444 January 25, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

      Your ‘El Duende’ retreat was where I first started writing my book back in 2001. It’s good to bear witness to our friends journeys in life, especially when those friends are striving to uphold the spiritual values we often sacrifice in our often tumultuous lives. Thank you for taking the time Ruth. xP

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