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I’m back………….AND I’M FINE!!!

3 Apr

DCIM100MEDIADCIM100MEDIADCIM100MEDIARather than let yet another day go by without at least an attempt at another post… i am heralding what appears to be the start of spring. At least from the point of view of the early morning birdsong and the abundance of dandelions.
On my last trip to Brighton and the Vision of Hope clinic for my beloved vitamin C infusions, I promised Dottie from New Approaches to Cancer, that I would give the blogging a rest. It was probably a good idea due to the recent loss of my dear friend Ann, and then reviewing my conversations with Margaret. Neither one of these dear ladies would have me mourn for too long. Life is for living….and God knows there is a lot to do as usual.
And so…..coming to Spain from the UK I have been able to continue with Hyperthermia in the form of the all important Infra red sauna, and spend some quiet time watching nature push through all the healing herbs that I am slowly beginning to catalogue in my mind, and indeed hang from every available space I can find.
The bright yellow dandelions that grow so abundantly in almost every corner of the world have so much healing value. I have for too long taken them forgranted., opting for the packaged variety, but this year the bright yellow flower has been capturing my eye as it sparkles whenever the sunshines, and I finally succumbed to it’s message for me. The thing is, since my coffers are all but dry and every penny allotted for what with jouneying back and forth and the supplements which are ever dwindling due to the high costs, I am having to use nature’s abundance to find the answers for this next stage of healing. When I left the UK over almost a month ago now, I was feeling that my lymph nodes were more swollen than usual and happened upon CLEAVERS, an herb I was not failiar with. I purchased a tincture and used most of it within a week and found that it helped ease the inflammation and boost my energy levels some. Since I also ran out of the constant supply of barleygrass I purchase in powder form I have taken to augmenting my daily juices with whatever greens available, namely collards and parsley. The juicer i use in Spain is on its last legs so hard to get the green mulch through as I’d like so i am experimenting with green smoothie type blended drinks. My chocolate addiction has been tampered by making my own with cacao and coconut oil with a touch of agave…..although this too will not be a constant; as agave seems to be the latest in good marketing ploy….it’s not all its cracked up to be, but hey….a gaL’s gotta have a bit of fun after all, and I’ve eliminated most of the other forbidden foods, and good old fashioned porridge makes for delicious blended puddings!
OK….that’s me done for now……Gotta get off this foodie track and turn my hand to some glass painting before the light wanes.
I am heading back to Brighton on Monday April 8th for a few days vitamin C fill-up with the gracious help of Together Against cancer, New Approaches and Yes to Life I cannot begin to thank them enough. After that I shall be heading to the Back2healthconference in Bristol April, 12th-14th….really looking forward to networking there. Then back to mum’s……my dear mum is being so well cared for by my sisters….she is 88 and has taken to her bed but her spirit is so resilient and shiny that I cannot help but be grateful for the example that she continues to set with her childlike sense of the world now…..’I’m fine ….she always says…..regardless of the constant indignities she’s made to suffer…..I’m fine!!! And on that note i shall say the same and hope that it’s contagious….I’M FINE