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‘The Zone of O’…Ozone in the healing of cancer

9 Dec

DCIM101MEDIABeing able to spend this time in Asturias is very healing for me in many ways, connecting to nature and a kind of ‘ time out’ from the other –‘ back and forth’s of life.  Now that mum has ‘made the crossing safely’,  I can spend more time in Spain with Javier.  Both of us are semi retired and we need to ‘take care’, as it were.  We still manage to press each others buttons, but quickly manage to diffuse with humour, what used to take a lot longer.  A recent 21 day meditation course with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey has really helped me to put things into perspective and value what my purpose is…

I continue with my trips to Brighton, and the ‘Vision of hope’ clinic by the grace of something mighty I continue to learn about what drives my particular tumour  type.   I would like to be able to report a full remission with my case but for the time being my focus is on ‘managing’, as opposed to ‘curing’.  It’s been 12 years now since my initial diagnosis, and I am more determined than ever to reverse those stubborn cells that continue their march against me.  On the way – I am learning so much about the human body and just how amazing it is.  There is so much great advancement if one just has the money or insurance to pay for it.

The best news is that I was left some wonderful oxygen equipment  that the brave John Sheridan left for me.  It  allows me to  convert oxygen  O2 into ozone O3…I use it with a portable sauna and also make an ozone charged water to drink.  I can certainly feel the benefit and will continue with the aim of detoxifying and rejuvenating a whole new me!!!  How about that then for an attention grabber!!!  Thank God for the coconut and dark chocolate allowance….especially through these wintry days…

In short….this past year I was able to visit Japan, for the annual Shumei grand sampai,(  where I received  a lot of Jyorei spiritual healing.  I also went to Italy and Los Angeles so I needed to rest and recharge these past few weeks.  The house in Asturias is great for that but it is a particularly cold winter and we burn wood in a fireplace to keep warm.  I’m looking forward to a strap on motor that will warm and charge the body electric, although the truth is we can generate it all from within.

At the moment I still rely on the much appreciated help of the charities, so in closing I want to say thank you..

May love and abundance be for all.

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Together Against Cancer

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There’s a piece from me in their autumn newsletterHANDS N. Autumn Newsletter 2013 Charity number: 28553   Pauline Lomas.DCIM101MEDIA