My diary using ‘Rick Simpson- cannabis oil

14 May

Before I start in on the joys of spring at last and the ongoing connection with donkeys, let me get straight down to facts :DCIM100MEDIA

(p.s. No donkeys were harmed during these observations – well perhaps once when the last carrot offering sadly went astray – through no fault of mine I may add. It was only feelings that were hurt but nevertheless…..)

I have done my best to record my feelings and sensations revolving around my daily dosage of ‘cannabis oil’. My diary notations began on:

April 29th 2014

…Took the usual 3 dosages throughout the day, increasing gradually each time but still no larger than a match head-plus. I did not take my usual 10mg melatonin as I have been sleeping deeply.  Actually feeling more and more confident when out in public – I feel that smaller dosing in the a.m., and again at lunch is a manageable amount, to be able to be sociable, and responsible.  I much prefer this feeling to that from wine.  For instance – I have been on the go all morning and now here I am coherently typing this after lunch.  Last night I felt a slight pain under the right arm around the lymph.

April 30th 2014
More of the same with feelings of nausea occasionally, that pass quite easily with a small dose of peppermint tea, ginger, or sliver of dark chocolate, the latter being one’s God-given right to ingest even though it’s origin is of the plant variety! The ‘wound’ as I have now grown accustomed to calling it seems to be closing up in areas, but there are a lot of bumps popping up. For some reason I do not fear them so much. No noticeable pain.
May 1st 2014
Started the day in good spirits but went into a negative spin with my emotions. Javier and I have been pushing each other’s buttons lately………..I express myself to dear diary and realise that it is all part of the process, and there is no escaping any of it – ‘Healing is dealing, and dealing is feeling and feeling is healing!’, something like that. I will increase the dose, and see what happens.
May 2nd 2014
Not a very restful night. More pains under the arm and around the scarline.
May 6th 2014
Ooops! Where did the last 4 days go? I awoke this morning relieved to have slept as I had strong pains under my arm – the lymph of course. I must note that I also did an ‘iscador’ injection yesterday, and of course am continuing with my daily treatment of homeopathic meds.
May 7th 2014
I awoke this morning with more energy, having slept deeply again. Walked into town with Javier and then I did the uphill climb back. My usual morning routine is still the juicing and coffee enema, and then after a meditation and sauna felt so much better.
The tumours seem to be changing shape – flattening and attempting to dry out it seems. I feel that that is a good sign. I am trying to stretch my right arm more as I realise that it’s movement is compromised, as there is a lot of fear still attached. It’s not emotional but physical, the fear of being accidentally hurt there, and yet now as I write these words I embrace the ‘wound’ in a way that is familiar to it, and the fear dissipates. The truth is we need more and more treatments that do not threaten our lives but that bring our lives into balance. It has been proven that this plant can do that, and certainly I feel that effect in my way of dealing with things. Tonight I will try a larger dose.
May 9th 2014
Each day I feel more and more that this is working, but it is mostly in ways that are difficult to put into words. I look forward to reporting in the next few weeks on the effects of doubling the dosage. 

Meanwhile part 2 of the video ‘Run from The Cure’ is available now through


Feb 11, 2014 – Uploaded by chrychek

Presenting Christian Laurette’s RUN 2 THE CURE – The Cure for Cancer Documentary PREVIEW TRAILER #1 …

On that note I’m off to watch it!

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