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Catching up and Kalanchoe medicinal plants for cancer

5 Nov

Phew! – Since we’ve waved goodbye to the pink month, I thought I’d better check in for November –DCIM101MEDIA

I’ve been under the radar these last few weeks… here’s a quick catch-up.
When last I wrote I had just finished my first round with the ‘black salve’, and was looking forward to the next. Well – ‘looking forward’, is not the apt expression for this but nevertheless, I was gearing up for the ‘adventure’! There was a glitch in the works and so I decided to wait a while…I’ve been on this journey for nigh on 13years now so these things happen – intuition and timing being key….
Having the seven mercury amalgams finally removed by the exceptional services of John Roberts and team at was absolutely painless and a real joy – yes – how many times can one hear that following a trip to the dentist, I wonder. John’s interest in integrative medicine is inspiring, and him being from my birthplace of the Wirral we could share some similarities. Of course having one’s mouth ajar and lightly numbed didn’t leave much time for my sometimes ‘prattling on’ tendency, thankfully. Since I travelled up by train and needed two visits, I opted to stay overnight at a close-by B&B –so that I could walk to and fro taking in some of the stunning landscape and architecture in Yorkshire.
So meanwhile here I am having escaped to the Asturian countryside to nurse some wounds with ozone and infra-red sauna, parasite cleanse, super detox and ketogenic based regime., – The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet And Its Role In Cancer Treatment. And that’s just for starters – (even I think it maybe too much, but it is keeping me in the healing zone.) The pity is I am plum in the middle of an orchard (excuse the pun) – apples everywhere, figs about to burst – all forbidden fruits for me. So in what seems to be a frenzy of creativity, not my usual glass painting – but my seeding, sprouting and writing, I implore the Gods to help me discover the next key to unlocking the next level of wellbeing
Don’t let the smile fool you – the detox comes with some heavy duty emotional highs and lows, but since I am accustomed to bearing my soul, what with all my past acting experience, I perceive it all as part of the grand ‘survival ‘plan. In lieu of the black salve I decide to continue with green clay poultices on my breast. There is a large area to cover now, and whilst the clay can bring relief it also does an excellent job of cleansing the area but also leaves it quite raw so then its calendula, aloe, comfrey and other soothing herbs – all a bit of trial and error, but what’s a gal to do!
My daily routine has changed a lot over the years, and with this latest round I am being stricter than ever before. Green juices are still a must and I’m growing my own wheatgrass again, and sprouting up a storm. The only carbs come from my root veg and ‘Natural Agriculture’ brown rice from Shumei ( which gives me both physical and spiritual energy, and the ‘Jyorei’ I receive gives me the light for my soul. I brewed up a batch of the wonderful Zara’s herbal tea also – it’s akin to essaic with a few added ingredients (
I’m 80% raw at the moment but with the colder weather approaching I’m looking forward to nutritious soups to warm the soul. Since the idea is to starve the cancer, I have obviously lost weight in the process but I continue to find delicious alternatives to feed the senses as we do need the ‘enjoyment factor’ or one can become a bit of a bore. It’s amazing what creamy delights one can whip up with coconut, avocado, and soaked seeds and nuts. Omitting my dark chocolate fix has been a success – I no longer crave sweets – a sprinkle of maca, or the odd slice of banana or berry (although I must confess that I succumbed to a freshly picked home-grown fig the other day – and  what Eve must have felt like……….yum!)

The Kalanchoe plant I was given in the spring had grown enough leaves for me to begin eating it daily as instructed, and loads of seedlings to re-plant, so I plan to bring some back to hopefully keep cultivating. Medicinal kalanchoe:DCIM101MEDIA
The three species that we are going to deal with belong to that group and are the following:-Kalanchoepinnata(Bryophyllumpinnatum)
Studied by Goethe, the German botanist, Kalanchoe Pinnata it is also known as ¨the Goethe Plant.¨ In Latin America it is also recognised as: bruja, hierba de bruja, prodigiosa, hierba del aire, siempreviva,Colombian,ojaransín,hojerilla.
This species grows many sprouts along the borders of its leaves. The leaves have colouration around the top. It is known by the following names: aranto, madre de miles, Kalanchoe mexicana.
This specific species was named after the French botanist Gaston Bonnier and has the biggest leaves of all three species. It is known as: ojaransín, hojerilla, oreja de burro (donkey’s ear).
Note: the names sometimes apply to one or more species and vary from country to country.
Medicinal Use
Kalanchoes are plants that have a holistic effect on the body and therefor can be used to combat a variety of ailments. Kalanchoe is used as traditional medicine, especially in Latin America, Asia and Africa, to treat the following illnesses:
– Injuries and illnesses related to cellular damage, especially cancer-Deep infectious cuts Infections and burns-Abscesses and tumors.

O.K. – Here’s the deal – I’ve seemingly time-traveled as I am now back in the UK and obviously very behind with postings.

A lot has happened in the meantime as I munch my way through the plant kingdom – More than ever I feel that my journey is taking me into a deeper level of healing. I continue with my mainstay of medicinal cannabis oil, and will apply more black salve next week. The RSO oil is helping me to delve into the areas of my life that hold childhood memories – my living in Malaysia and Africa as a child for instance. I was given anti-malarial tablets every night and remember now the side effects as I lay squirming in bed under my mosquito net. But as I tune into the news lately and hear of the terrible injustices to children in the UK and also the reality of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone where we lived, by the way, I cannot help but wonder if my immune system had been sadly compromised way back then. The rest of my body feels great with no aches and pains, just the chest area which I am now viewing as the cross I was given to bear.  Albeit – temporarily – thank you very much.

The good news is my doctor just called saying that my vitamin D levels were too high at 175 (normal range is 50-125 they say but my homeopath said most folk in UK are low… will investigate further.) My liver, kidney, calcium, glucose are normal so I would hope that my daily coffee enemas are helping lots.

The mystery continues and with this in mind I find indomitable strength to journey on. I believe that in general attitudes have changed for the good since my original diagnosis 13 years ago. Since writing my book in 2009 I have now embarked on a deeper cellular, spiritual journey in which I hope to uncover more natural pathways for those following behind.

It is quite evident from dialogue at a wonderful new site on Facebook – Cancerucan, heralded by Fiona Shakeela Burns, that more and more of us are championing change and choice in our treatments, and we are not going to stop!  The very fact that a wonderful charity such as YES TO LIFE can be persecuted by the press when they have been responsible for helping so many, myself included,  is another indication of the lengths these corrupt forces will go to……It certainly presses my ‘for the greater good button’!!!

And so……YES I feel the sea-change all around, but most importantly within. This is where the true blessings reside, so KEEP THE FAITH dear ones and leave no stone unturned.