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My journey with Black Salve

31 Aug


In 2004 whilst researching the next ‘holistic’ treatment option for the cancerous lump in my breast I came across Compound X, another name for ‘black salve’, also known as Cansema (see http://www.altcancer.com) Since I could not find any in the UK,  I ordered some from the USA with strict instructions on how to use it, and emphasis on the necessity to have good pain management and support in place.  I had read Ingrid Naiman’s wonderful book SALVES THAT HEAL, and felt prepared enough to go ahead.  I was in Barcelona at the time – mid August, and sweltering (see page 156 of my book And So We heal.) Long story short – right choice – wrong timing!  The thick salve that I applied to the lump somehow melted in the heat and the result was extremely painful.  I decided then to abort the process but unfortunately I think I may have awoken the sleeping giant.  I had been trying to carry on as normal but the truth is if one is going to attempt this truly amazing treatment it is important to have support.

No regrets – that was 2004 and here we are 10years later – I am still alive – minus one breast, but still on this long journey that has me passionate about helping to demystify the word cancer, and help herald better choices in the treatment of it.

After my ECT treatment in Malaga, Spain in 2005 I was able to get on with life.  Sure I had lost most of the breast and all of my money and then some, but I was hoping that this was me done.  Cancer Free – simple as that!  The truth is after so many years of stringent living I was anxious to live a little.  Abandoning my very strict regime, and rewarding myself with occasional treats, helped me to feel like a normal being; well as close as…..The task of committing myself to finishing a long planned book took it’s toll, and as each year passed and I missed the October ‘Breast cancer month’ deadline I would give in to stress.

By the time I finally published the book in 2009, I was exhausted and new tumour growth had invaded the chest wall.  Back to the drawing board then – My oncologist was keen to put me on Letrozole which I kept turning down – gut feelings always said no to that!

In retrospect – knowing what, and who I now know, my decision to have some surgical intervention in 2012 was a fear- based decision.  In all fairness to my oncologist, who has always been very supportive within NHS regulation, she did exactly as I had asked and left my lymph nodes intact.

Apparently the tumour had invaded the muscle so it took a fair while for my wound to heal. There was  a brief moment in time that all was well, or so I thought.  Since I had absolutely refused chemo and radiation I had to find further ways to support  my immune system with the hope of keeping further growth at bay.  The thing is – by this point research had advanced and I knew that there were other options available but I had no money….nature was my guide as always, and the seemingly never-ending journey continued…as one can see with the past blogs…

Then – as fate would have it a few weeks ago, I was introduced to Richard Linton, herbal pharmacist, www.greenwaynaturalpharmacy.com  and low and behold this wonderful soul has been working with the salve for more than 15 years.  Had I known this thirteen years ago when newly diagnosed and with one solitary lump, I may have had a chance at saving my breast.  My journey would be quite different as it happened.

Under Richard’s supervision I have embarked on yet another stage of healing, beginning with one prominent tumour that has been misbehaving.  The black salve was applied on August 6th and 2 weeks later the eschar that formed fell off.  I do have fotos which I will share at a later date.  Yes it was painful, especially the first week, but I had done my research and knew what to expect – sort of…

The good news is that I never needed pain killers and managed with homeopathic and herbal remedies, and of course my medicinal cannabis oil which is number one on my list.  Richard does not seem to be phased by the task at hand as we have quite a complex journey ahead, as we now attempt to draw the other lumpetybumps, as I like to call them through the opening left by the eschar…..I know, I know…….not easy to follow as I am hesitating actually showing fotos at this point so bear with me.  The drawing salve helps with this and is much gentler.

With the world in apparent turmoil everywhere I look, I am choosing to see it as a reflection of what’s happening in my own  body.  Yes – my chest is undergoing radical transformation – but so too the rest of me.  The aches and pains of a few months ago have gone and I am fitter in many ways than I was in my youth because of the natural food and holistic ‘medicines’ I choose to work with.  With todays emphasis on many of the failures of our health system surely it is only a matter of time before everything is privatised; so best get a jump start and stay in control of your own body as best you can.

Seeking to find the natural ways that feel instinctively right for me at this moment, I trust as always in the invisible helpers along the way.  Thank God that there are so many like-minded people doing much the same and by the graces we are drawn together to make things better.  Slowly but surely the portals seem to be opening wider and I am so grateful to still be alive and kicking and allowed access to this realm of magical living.

…………..And guess what – yesterday I arrived back from 2 days in Yorkshire where I had all my mercury fillings removed painlessly and holistically by yet another grand soul!  More on that in the next blog…..with a bit of luck I can post this before September clicks in!  Keep the faith dear ones and leave no stone unturned…..YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST TREASURE!