Catching up and Kalanchoe medicinal plants for cancer

5 Nov

Phew! – Since we’ve waved goodbye to the pink month, I thought I’d better check in for November –DCIM101MEDIA

I’ve been under the radar these last few weeks… here’s a quick catch-up.
When last I wrote I had just finished my first round with the ‘black salve’, and was looking forward to the next. Well – ‘looking forward’, is not the apt expression for this but nevertheless, I was gearing up for the ‘adventure’! There was a glitch in the works and so I decided to wait a while…I’ve been on this journey for nigh on 13years now so these things happen – intuition and timing being key….
Having the seven mercury amalgams finally removed by the exceptional services of John Roberts and team at was absolutely painless and a real joy – yes – how many times can one hear that following a trip to the dentist, I wonder. John’s interest in integrative medicine is inspiring, and him being from my birthplace of the Wirral we could share some similarities. Of course having one’s mouth ajar and lightly numbed didn’t leave much time for my sometimes ‘prattling on’ tendency, thankfully. Since I travelled up by train and needed two visits, I opted to stay overnight at a close-by B&B –so that I could walk to and fro taking in some of the stunning landscape and architecture in Yorkshire.
So meanwhile here I am having escaped to the Asturian countryside to nurse some wounds with ozone and infra-red sauna, parasite cleanse, super detox and ketogenic based regime., – The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet And Its Role In Cancer Treatment. And that’s just for starters – (even I think it maybe too much, but it is keeping me in the healing zone.) The pity is I am plum in the middle of an orchard (excuse the pun) – apples everywhere, figs about to burst – all forbidden fruits for me. So in what seems to be a frenzy of creativity, not my usual glass painting – but my seeding, sprouting and writing, I implore the Gods to help me discover the next key to unlocking the next level of wellbeing
Don’t let the smile fool you – the detox comes with some heavy duty emotional highs and lows, but since I am accustomed to bearing my soul, what with all my past acting experience, I perceive it all as part of the grand ‘survival ‘plan. In lieu of the black salve I decide to continue with green clay poultices on my breast. There is a large area to cover now, and whilst the clay can bring relief it also does an excellent job of cleansing the area but also leaves it quite raw so then its calendula, aloe, comfrey and other soothing herbs – all a bit of trial and error, but what’s a gal to do!
My daily routine has changed a lot over the years, and with this latest round I am being stricter than ever before. Green juices are still a must and I’m growing my own wheatgrass again, and sprouting up a storm. The only carbs come from my root veg and ‘Natural Agriculture’ brown rice from Shumei ( which gives me both physical and spiritual energy, and the ‘Jyorei’ I receive gives me the light for my soul. I brewed up a batch of the wonderful Zara’s herbal tea also – it’s akin to essaic with a few added ingredients (
I’m 80% raw at the moment but with the colder weather approaching I’m looking forward to nutritious soups to warm the soul. Since the idea is to starve the cancer, I have obviously lost weight in the process but I continue to find delicious alternatives to feed the senses as we do need the ‘enjoyment factor’ or one can become a bit of a bore. It’s amazing what creamy delights one can whip up with coconut, avocado, and soaked seeds and nuts. Omitting my dark chocolate fix has been a success – I no longer crave sweets – a sprinkle of maca, or the odd slice of banana or berry (although I must confess that I succumbed to a freshly picked home-grown fig the other day – and  what Eve must have felt like……….yum!)

The Kalanchoe plant I was given in the spring had grown enough leaves for me to begin eating it daily as instructed, and loads of seedlings to re-plant, so I plan to bring some back to hopefully keep cultivating. Medicinal kalanchoe:DCIM101MEDIA
The three species that we are going to deal with belong to that group and are the following:-Kalanchoepinnata(Bryophyllumpinnatum)
Studied by Goethe, the German botanist, Kalanchoe Pinnata it is also known as ¨the Goethe Plant.¨ In Latin America it is also recognised as: bruja, hierba de bruja, prodigiosa, hierba del aire, siempreviva,Colombian,ojaransín,hojerilla.
This species grows many sprouts along the borders of its leaves. The leaves have colouration around the top. It is known by the following names: aranto, madre de miles, Kalanchoe mexicana.
This specific species was named after the French botanist Gaston Bonnier and has the biggest leaves of all three species. It is known as: ojaransín, hojerilla, oreja de burro (donkey’s ear).
Note: the names sometimes apply to one or more species and vary from country to country.
Medicinal Use
Kalanchoes are plants that have a holistic effect on the body and therefor can be used to combat a variety of ailments. Kalanchoe is used as traditional medicine, especially in Latin America, Asia and Africa, to treat the following illnesses:
– Injuries and illnesses related to cellular damage, especially cancer-Deep infectious cuts Infections and burns-Abscesses and tumors.

O.K. – Here’s the deal – I’ve seemingly time-traveled as I am now back in the UK and obviously very behind with postings.

A lot has happened in the meantime as I munch my way through the plant kingdom – More than ever I feel that my journey is taking me into a deeper level of healing. I continue with my mainstay of medicinal cannabis oil, and will apply more black salve next week. The RSO oil is helping me to delve into the areas of my life that hold childhood memories – my living in Malaysia and Africa as a child for instance. I was given anti-malarial tablets every night and remember now the side effects as I lay squirming in bed under my mosquito net. But as I tune into the news lately and hear of the terrible injustices to children in the UK and also the reality of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone where we lived, by the way, I cannot help but wonder if my immune system had been sadly compromised way back then. The rest of my body feels great with no aches and pains, just the chest area which I am now viewing as the cross I was given to bear.  Albeit – temporarily – thank you very much.

The good news is my doctor just called saying that my vitamin D levels were too high at 175 (normal range is 50-125 they say but my homeopath said most folk in UK are low… will investigate further.) My liver, kidney, calcium, glucose are normal so I would hope that my daily coffee enemas are helping lots.

The mystery continues and with this in mind I find indomitable strength to journey on. I believe that in general attitudes have changed for the good since my original diagnosis 13 years ago. Since writing my book in 2009 I have now embarked on a deeper cellular, spiritual journey in which I hope to uncover more natural pathways for those following behind.

It is quite evident from dialogue at a wonderful new site on Facebook – Cancerucan, heralded by Fiona Shakeela Burns, that more and more of us are championing change and choice in our treatments, and we are not going to stop!  The very fact that a wonderful charity such as YES TO LIFE can be persecuted by the press when they have been responsible for helping so many, myself included,  is another indication of the lengths these corrupt forces will go to……It certainly presses my ‘for the greater good button’!!!

And so……YES I feel the sea-change all around, but most importantly within. This is where the true blessings reside, so KEEP THE FAITH dear ones and leave no stone unturned.


My journey with Black Salve

31 Aug


In 2004 whilst researching the next ‘holistic’ treatment option for the cancerous lump in my breast I came across Compound X, another name for ‘black salve’, also known as Cansema (see Since I could not find any in the UK,  I ordered some from the USA with strict instructions on how to use it, and emphasis on the necessity to have good pain management and support in place.  I had read Ingrid Naiman’s wonderful book SALVES THAT HEAL, and felt prepared enough to go ahead.  I was in Barcelona at the time – mid August, and sweltering (see page 156 of my book And So We heal.) Long story short – right choice – wrong timing!  The thick salve that I applied to the lump somehow melted in the heat and the result was extremely painful.  I decided then to abort the process but unfortunately I think I may have awoken the sleeping giant.  I had been trying to carry on as normal but the truth is if one is going to attempt this truly amazing treatment it is important to have support.

No regrets – that was 2004 and here we are 10years later – I am still alive – minus one breast, but still on this long journey that has me passionate about helping to demystify the word cancer, and help herald better choices in the treatment of it.

After my ECT treatment in Malaga, Spain in 2005 I was able to get on with life.  Sure I had lost most of the breast and all of my money and then some, but I was hoping that this was me done.  Cancer Free – simple as that!  The truth is after so many years of stringent living I was anxious to live a little.  Abandoning my very strict regime, and rewarding myself with occasional treats, helped me to feel like a normal being; well as close as…..The task of committing myself to finishing a long planned book took it’s toll, and as each year passed and I missed the October ‘Breast cancer month’ deadline I would give in to stress.

By the time I finally published the book in 2009, I was exhausted and new tumour growth had invaded the chest wall.  Back to the drawing board then – My oncologist was keen to put me on Letrozole which I kept turning down – gut feelings always said no to that!

In retrospect – knowing what, and who I now know, my decision to have some surgical intervention in 2012 was a fear- based decision.  In all fairness to my oncologist, who has always been very supportive within NHS regulation, she did exactly as I had asked and left my lymph nodes intact.

Apparently the tumour had invaded the muscle so it took a fair while for my wound to heal. There was  a brief moment in time that all was well, or so I thought.  Since I had absolutely refused chemo and radiation I had to find further ways to support  my immune system with the hope of keeping further growth at bay.  The thing is – by this point research had advanced and I knew that there were other options available but I had no money….nature was my guide as always, and the seemingly never-ending journey continued…as one can see with the past blogs…

Then – as fate would have it a few weeks ago, I was introduced to Richard Linton, herbal pharmacist,  and low and behold this wonderful soul has been working with the salve for more than 15 years.  Had I known this thirteen years ago when newly diagnosed and with one solitary lump, I may have had a chance at saving my breast.  My journey would be quite different as it happened.

Under Richard’s supervision I have embarked on yet another stage of healing, beginning with one prominent tumour that has been misbehaving.  The black salve was applied on August 6th and 2 weeks later the eschar that formed fell off.  I do have fotos which I will share at a later date.  Yes it was painful, especially the first week, but I had done my research and knew what to expect – sort of…

The good news is that I never needed pain killers and managed with homeopathic and herbal remedies, and of course my medicinal cannabis oil which is number one on my list.  Richard does not seem to be phased by the task at hand as we have quite a complex journey ahead, as we now attempt to draw the other lumpetybumps, as I like to call them through the opening left by the eschar…..I know, I know…….not easy to follow as I am hesitating actually showing fotos at this point so bear with me.  The drawing salve helps with this and is much gentler.

With the world in apparent turmoil everywhere I look, I am choosing to see it as a reflection of what’s happening in my own  body.  Yes – my chest is undergoing radical transformation – but so too the rest of me.  The aches and pains of a few months ago have gone and I am fitter in many ways than I was in my youth because of the natural food and holistic ‘medicines’ I choose to work with.  With todays emphasis on many of the failures of our health system surely it is only a matter of time before everything is privatised; so best get a jump start and stay in control of your own body as best you can.

Seeking to find the natural ways that feel instinctively right for me at this moment, I trust as always in the invisible helpers along the way.  Thank God that there are so many like-minded people doing much the same and by the graces we are drawn together to make things better.  Slowly but surely the portals seem to be opening wider and I am so grateful to still be alive and kicking and allowed access to this realm of magical living.

…………..And guess what – yesterday I arrived back from 2 days in Yorkshire where I had all my mercury fillings removed painlessly and holistically by yet another grand soul!  More on that in the next blog…..with a bit of luck I can post this before September clicks in!  Keep the faith dear ones and leave no stone unturned…..YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST TREASURE!


Looking ahead

28 Jul


When I started this latest blog post I had every intention of writing more about the inspiring back2health conference at Exeter castle this past June but the universe had other plans. Trying to find the time and impetus to write has been extremely challenging these past few weeks, with one thing or another. Time has passed so rapidly and I have been focusing on this next phase of healing whilst also trying to support others with theirs.  Keeping up with a serious regime is a full-time job, and with mine ever-expanding -well it gets pretty overwhelming let me tell you!  But then there is always renewal like a long overdue trip to Brighton and  the Vision of Hope clinic with further healing from Dottie at New Approaches to cancer: as well as arranging to finally have my mercury fillings removed and other really exciting developments that I will share next time….

In the meantime………MUM…….

Last sunday marked  one year since mum’s passing – dad went on the exact same date July 20th, many years before…. So being ever the romantic, I take great comfort in that truth, and can look upon it as a miracle even. A bigger miracle perhaps would have been me actually finishing and posting this in a timely fashion, but here we are a week and some later…
July 20th I awoke early and went barefoot into the garden, still wet from the morning dew. Picking flowers to mark the occasion, tears began welling up, spilling everywhere remembering the first day we moved into this little house – our first since arriving back in England from Malaya as it was known when dad served in the British army. It’s Malaysia now – and the whole world recognizes that word lately.
It was an idyllic time of adventurous experiences until the day my three year old brother Kenny unexpectedly died under tragic circumstances. Witnessing the horror engraved on my parents faces when they returned from the hospital without Kenny remains etched in my memory. I was 8 at the time, and my other brother Michael a few years my junior. I do remember pretending that everything was alright and I can even remember the teacher reading a special bible passage about death. All the other children knew what had happened as news travelled fast in the army camp – but the interesting thing was that I chose to ‘pretend’ it was all happening to someone else – somehow I had managed to find a way to transmute the pain and create a different reality in my head where it was all make-believe……a concept that would play a big part in shaping who I was to become in later life. Ultimately my parents were strong enough to survive this tragedy and went on to have two more girls, my dear sisters, who brought them much happiness, but I could not then realise the full extent of their grief until reading the heart-breaking letters that my mother had carefully kept all these long years in her top drawer. I will not go into detail here but the letters and telegrams brought alive that pain when the heart breaking truth saw the light of day. My brother, during what should have been a straightforward tonsillectomy, was given an overdose of anesthetic from which he never woke up.  No-one took responsibility, and to make matters worse the army refused to let my father accompany the body of his dead son home to England. As a concession they said my mother and us children could, but as the letters showed – my father was in deep mourning and to be parted from the rest of his loved ones, could have fueled his complete breakdown. When the time is right, I have promised myself that I will re-open those letters and write to the army for some kind of explanation.

And so in an attempt to mark the one year period of remembrance, I was putting a photo of mum and dad together into a frame, when I found another of mum taken on her 80th birthday – sitting beside a giant bunch of sunflowers and smiling – another omen I thought… we have come to associate mum with these giant sunbeams. She stayed as long as she could with us, and I like to think they are both with my little brother Kenny now, and we the grown-ups must continue forging ahead with our own lives.  Later, listening to the radio I shed more tears upon hearing that when the recent Malaysian airline was shot down, many bodies were found amongst a field of sunflowers. It will come as no surprise then when I tell you that I chose to imagine that mum may have been at the gates when those dear spirits arrived in heaven……but wait there’s more….
Just yesterday I fought the crowd of thousands to witness the Giants in Liverpool. (You’ll have to google that.) It was the giant grandmother returning from the alternate universe to tell her story about the Liverpool lads who fought during the First World War that was calling out to me and yes – secretly in my heart, it was my mother Edna who was up there towering above the world, walking through the streets of Liverpool with her smiles and sunbeams for everyone…..
Yes – the spectacular was all make-believe, but for me this was hi-lighting the strength of memories and indeed of the influence of our elders in today’s society.

I am no longer the little eight year old girl in a foreign land; I have lived many experiences and have many stories still to tell. At 62 – I will never be a grandmother – mine is a different story. I was given the gift of ‘breast cancer’, as my challenge to overcome, and to help pioneer better choices in treatment…
‘Gift’? – I hear you say…..
Yes – Life and all that comes with it is a gift…..We are all on an amazing journey to find our way back home – so yes – make your life the biggest ‘make-believe’ you can muster. It may just save your life!

My diary using ‘Rick Simpson- cannabis oil

14 May

Before I start in on the joys of spring at last and the ongoing connection with donkeys, let me get straight down to facts :DCIM100MEDIA

(p.s. No donkeys were harmed during these observations – well perhaps once when the last carrot offering sadly went astray – through no fault of mine I may add. It was only feelings that were hurt but nevertheless…..)

I have done my best to record my feelings and sensations revolving around my daily dosage of ‘cannabis oil’. My diary notations began on:

April 29th 2014

…Took the usual 3 dosages throughout the day, increasing gradually each time but still no larger than a match head-plus. I did not take my usual 10mg melatonin as I have been sleeping deeply.  Actually feeling more and more confident when out in public – I feel that smaller dosing in the a.m., and again at lunch is a manageable amount, to be able to be sociable, and responsible.  I much prefer this feeling to that from wine.  For instance – I have been on the go all morning and now here I am coherently typing this after lunch.  Last night I felt a slight pain under the right arm around the lymph.

April 30th 2014
More of the same with feelings of nausea occasionally, that pass quite easily with a small dose of peppermint tea, ginger, or sliver of dark chocolate, the latter being one’s God-given right to ingest even though it’s origin is of the plant variety! The ‘wound’ as I have now grown accustomed to calling it seems to be closing up in areas, but there are a lot of bumps popping up. For some reason I do not fear them so much. No noticeable pain.
May 1st 2014
Started the day in good spirits but went into a negative spin with my emotions. Javier and I have been pushing each other’s buttons lately………..I express myself to dear diary and realise that it is all part of the process, and there is no escaping any of it – ‘Healing is dealing, and dealing is feeling and feeling is healing!’, something like that. I will increase the dose, and see what happens.
May 2nd 2014
Not a very restful night. More pains under the arm and around the scarline.
May 6th 2014
Ooops! Where did the last 4 days go? I awoke this morning relieved to have slept as I had strong pains under my arm – the lymph of course. I must note that I also did an ‘iscador’ injection yesterday, and of course am continuing with my daily treatment of homeopathic meds.
May 7th 2014
I awoke this morning with more energy, having slept deeply again. Walked into town with Javier and then I did the uphill climb back. My usual morning routine is still the juicing and coffee enema, and then after a meditation and sauna felt so much better.
The tumours seem to be changing shape – flattening and attempting to dry out it seems. I feel that that is a good sign. I am trying to stretch my right arm more as I realise that it’s movement is compromised, as there is a lot of fear still attached. It’s not emotional but physical, the fear of being accidentally hurt there, and yet now as I write these words I embrace the ‘wound’ in a way that is familiar to it, and the fear dissipates. The truth is we need more and more treatments that do not threaten our lives but that bring our lives into balance. It has been proven that this plant can do that, and certainly I feel that effect in my way of dealing with things. Tonight I will try a larger dose.
May 9th 2014
Each day I feel more and more that this is working, but it is mostly in ways that are difficult to put into words. I look forward to reporting in the next few weeks on the effects of doubling the dosage. 

Meanwhile part 2 of the video ‘Run from The Cure’ is available now through


Feb 11, 2014 – Uploaded by chrychek

Presenting Christian Laurette’s RUN 2 THE CURE – The Cure for Cancer Documentary PREVIEW TRAILER #1 …

On that note I’m off to watch it!

Medicinal cannabis oil in the fight against cancer

26 Apr

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become – Jung

  DCIM100MEDIA “Plunge in then,” ……says a faraway voice.

…well hardly a voice, but that familiar inner whispering that comes with a reminder to get a move on and put my thoughts down in writing. No more procrastinating – May is on the horizon for God ‘sake and the ‘blog’ is very much behind schedule. You get the picture? Not that I ever promised to write daily – phew!
But months behind again this time! Oh well… excuses…we do our best!
So much going on as always in this inquiring mind of mine, but never so much as since I started my new ‘regime’ – the long sought after ‘Rick Simpson’ medicinal cannabis oil. It came out of the blue in a chance encounter; but then I have been actively enquiring after procuring some – so be careful what one asks for eh!
It had been years since I had seen my doctor at the Biomedic clinic in Malaga, Spain.   The wonderfully passionate Doctora M.Eudoxia Lopez Peral, had been at the helm during my ECT treatments in 2005, and since Javier and I had decided to rent a small apartment this winter in Almunecar, Andalucia for three months, I could finally manage to see her again. And thanks to ‘New Approaches to cancer and the beloved Dottie I was able to have some Vitamin C infusions in Spain, as it has been a while since my regular trip to ‘Vision of Hope’ clinic in Brighton. It’s quite a struggle going back and forth, as flights are expensive and I really want to fly less.
Doctora Doxi highly recommended a homeopathic protocol from the ‘Hildegard pharmacy’ in Brussels, and I take the remedies twice daily for a few months, so more on that soon.
But back to the cannabis oil, the black gold:
One of the doctors that share the clinic space in Malaga suggested I do the Vega machine test as I had recently had a hair analysis which showed elevated lead and cadmium and low zinc, and so since I am following all leads as they come to me I was keen to do it. He then added “It’s a bit controversial, but have you considered medicinal marihuana –RSO, Rick Simpson oil, in particular?” Errrr…..Yesssssss!!! The tides were indeed turning – I felt to have won a health jackpot that day…As I have mentioned before, this beautiful cannabis plant is one of my ‘medicines of choice’, and I am grateful to be able to discuss it openly now without feeling that I am some kind of drug- addict looking for a high.  I was sad not to include the subject of medicinal cannabis in ‘And so we heal’, but at the time it took every ounce of strength to publish the book and I did not want to add the possibility of more stress with a likely stab from the media, or anyone, for my daring to even suggest that having an innocent puff on a pipe to see me through when times were quite frankly – I won’t use the word ‘horrendous’( let’s reserve such vocabulary for those being hung, drawn and quartered) but I have suffered a monumental wound to my torso nevertheless – and am in continual ‘treatment’, to hold things at bay.

Since no one was talking about cannabis oil back then in 2001, inhaling was the only alternative to increasing the cannabinoids in one’s system. Time and again over the years I had asked my doctor if there was any medicine that included cannabis, and could I possibly be prescribed ‘sativex’ perhaps which is a licenced cannabis medicine for MS patients. ‘No’ was the answer and not unless I had MS on the subject of sativiex.
But, times are changing …and fast…all over the world in fact. One only has to type in ‘medicinal cannabis’ on Youtube alone and you’ll be reading open-mouthed at the truth.  There is a wonderful revolution happening – and I am happy to be a part of it, although at the current price, who knows how long I can continue.  my only real hope would be to make my own but I wanted to avoid the hassle.  For the moment – thank God for credit cards when you need them, as when I left the clinic in Malaga that day I had my very own tiny bottle of the sticky black gold – RSO.   It is very messy, be warned, but there are lots of different ways to administer the tiny dosage which begins at the humble size of half a grain of rice gradually increasing the dose. Since the bus ride along the Andalusian coastline was ninety minutes, I decided to take my first dose of my new found medicine and see what the effects would be. Certainly the beautiful landscape needed no help to appreciate, and I enjoyed a most blissful state, reminding me of something I read recently about the award winning Israeli scientist, Raphael Mechoulam who is almost universally referred to as the father of research on cannabinoids. In 1992, almost three decades after synthesizing THC, Mechoulam identified anandamide, a naturally occurring human cannabinoid neurotransmitter, (translation: the stuff that makes you feel high when you haven’t ingested anything.)   Given the opportunity to name it, Mechoulam turned to the Sanskrit word ananda, meaning supreme bliss……

It’s been 2 months now since beginning my regime with RSO (Rick Simpson oil.) I do need another bottle which has just arrived luckily as I am down to slim pickings with the original bottle. The idea is that one tries to take on board as many cannabinoids as possible, and so one has to experiment as to tolerance levels and particular strains.

In Israel at Tikun Olam – they have developed a strain called Avidkel which targets breast cancer cells in particular which i would like to look into.

And so… the winds of serendipity I can now speak from experience, and although it’s still early days, I will keep a diary on the subject. The first thing to note in my case is that ingesting RSO, which is an oil extract, I am experiencing a nauseous sensation which has been gradually diminishing. It helps to eat a little something as a chaser, or inhale vapor. With the advent of vaporizers one can now bypass ‘smoke’, and furthermore juicing the plant is a viable option for those lucky enough to grow. I am still quite novice and the vaporizer I bought has possibly short circuited, but what I did experience was my idea of an acceptable medicine, and much preferred to what is on offer from the big pharma   I just ask that I am given free choice and access to it, and the right to grow it for myself and my family. With all the evidence it seems absurd that I’m not.

But let me tell you how nicely the universe works – as quite by chance whilst looking to find the RSO, I stumble upon ‘the cannabis club of Almunecar.’ Another jackpot! Although they still do not have oil available it surely is only a matter of time. My membership allows me to purchase what I need ‘legally’ and hopefully continue to document my use and speak up on the subject as are many. A dear friend from Belgium who is suffering with painful fibromyalgia vaporizes the plant in a special device easily available, in all shapes and sizes.
Looking back on my particular journey has been …ahem!…’wondrous’ in many ways these last thirteen years, teaching me much about all manner of things really – survival , heading the list needless to say, or there would be no list. Illness needn’t be all doom and gloom. Far from it! Of course it’s still too early to say how the RSO has affected things with my health as I am awaiting new blood tests. I do remember that first night’s sleep being quite tormented with a lot of what was to become severe leg aches which have lessened greatly. What I have found is that I am much more at ease about the things I used to worry about, I laugh a lot more easily, and in the beginning cried some too!  Perhaps the biggest reward is that I sleep like never before which gives my body time to sort out its complex machinations. I feel so lucky in any case having been so close to the sea, to the water and the climate there on the ‘costa tropical’, as it is known. There was an exotic touch of the ‘multinational’ blending in with nature’s wonderful vibrant colours and the Phoenician-Arabic influence. A perfect winter choice.
That ‘time out’ has allowed me to re-connect with the elements. To absorb the power of the sea that I had longed for even though the water had not yet warmed up enough for submersion.  Lately I do try to find much more enjoyment in life and have a new sense of hope for the future of my own health, and for that of others.  How lucky I am to be  transported now as if in a dream back to this idyllic paradise that is Asturias. Back amidst the apple trees and wonderful green pastures, and even though I miss the wonderful sea being at my fingertips the truth is I have to start harvesting the red clover, not to mention the dandelions, nettles, etc.  The garden is so wild with all the winters rain.  It will soon be time for getting back to the UK so I must try to make the most of it.  I  Continue with infra red saunas and ozone, as well as being beneficial, feel so warming to the bones as the air is still chilly up here.


In parting – A reminder that June is on the horizon and the ‘back to health’, conference in Exeter  :

A reminder also to  support the medical bill that Maurice Saatchi is proposing:

Please sign your name as this surely is a new beginning.



‘The Zone of O’…Ozone in the healing of cancer

9 Dec

DCIM101MEDIABeing able to spend this time in Asturias is very healing for me in many ways, connecting to nature and a kind of ‘ time out’ from the other –‘ back and forth’s of life.  Now that mum has ‘made the crossing safely’,  I can spend more time in Spain with Javier.  Both of us are semi retired and we need to ‘take care’, as it were.  We still manage to press each others buttons, but quickly manage to diffuse with humour, what used to take a lot longer.  A recent 21 day meditation course with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey has really helped me to put things into perspective and value what my purpose is…

I continue with my trips to Brighton, and the ‘Vision of hope’ clinic by the grace of something mighty I continue to learn about what drives my particular tumour  type.   I would like to be able to report a full remission with my case but for the time being my focus is on ‘managing’, as opposed to ‘curing’.  It’s been 12 years now since my initial diagnosis, and I am more determined than ever to reverse those stubborn cells that continue their march against me.  On the way – I am learning so much about the human body and just how amazing it is.  There is so much great advancement if one just has the money or insurance to pay for it.

The best news is that I was left some wonderful oxygen equipment  that the brave John Sheridan left for me.  It  allows me to  convert oxygen  O2 into ozone O3…I use it with a portable sauna and also make an ozone charged water to drink.  I can certainly feel the benefit and will continue with the aim of detoxifying and rejuvenating a whole new me!!!  How about that then for an attention grabber!!!  Thank God for the coconut and dark chocolate allowance….especially through these wintry days…

In short….this past year I was able to visit Japan, for the annual Shumei grand sampai,(  where I received  a lot of Jyorei spiritual healing.  I also went to Italy and Los Angeles so I needed to rest and recharge these past few weeks.  The house in Asturias is great for that but it is a particularly cold winter and we burn wood in a fireplace to keep warm.  I’m looking forward to a strap on motor that will warm and charge the body electric, although the truth is we can generate it all from within.

At the moment I still rely on the much appreciated help of the charities, so in closing I want to say thank you..

May love and abundance be for all.

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Remembering mum

27 Nov

It was this past April when I last posted anything on my blog so I attempt now to fill in what’s been going on.  The saddest news is that my dear mother Edna passed away on July 20th.  She was approaching 89 and so had had a good innings.  The last few years weakened her physical body but she was a tower of strength to us all over the years, and it is my firm belief that she continues to be so, shining down from a far off galaxy… I wrote the following eulogy for her:


I can’t believe this day has come – I’m forever saying ‘bye’ to mum! The last time I left for Spain I didn’t want to wake her as it was early morn and we had been up celebrating with Debbie at Glastonbury. Yes – that’s right-GLASTONBURY! Just over 2 weeks before she left for that big concert in the sky, Edna was up in the wee hours, tapping away to the beat on the telly, ever determined to keep some part of her anatomy still moving now that her dancing shoes had been traded in for a bedside view of life as it paraded before her. Mick Jagger was visiting that night! Where the body may have been weakened, there was no denying that she was finding an almost mischievous delight connecting to the ‘spark’ that music always brought. From her early crush on Mario Lanza to the modern day ‘Mumford and sons’ – Edna was enjoying the lot. Debbie had her attuning to the mysteries of the East, and in her final days she took up playing the Ukulele………God knows where that may have lead had she continued to practice!
What made Edna who she was? Leo the lion heart- brave and enduring – setting an example for us all on how to be strong and weather any storm! Always soldiering on through! Perhaps her memories took her back to those soldiers she nursed in a hospital in Belgium at the end of the war…. An old war torn autograph book I found in her drawer dates back to that time of 1945 full of messages thanking the lovely young Edna, quite the Florence Nightingale…….’always service with a smile’, said one – a major at that! Indeed mum’s life continued to be of service to others. All her children followed suit – Mike with his army and fire service, Barb with the children and always helping others, Debb at the Rainforest, forever campaigning for a better world, me with mine and Kenny- well he got his wings early- our angel watching over! Early childhood brought tales of Africa- dad waking up one night when a snake got into the chicken coop and he put the baby chicks in bed with mum. Malaya I remember – remote army camp in the jungle, monkeys we had names for swinging in the trees, coloured parrots, and mosquito nets. Mum got her first sewing machine there and became adapt at sewing all our clothes. Her love of ballroom dancing continued, even with dad’s 2 left feet. I still remember the lovely ball gown she wore and dad’s tux……they cut a glamorous pair …….who could guess what was to come?
When Kenny left for heaven our world fell apart…..Mum told me long ago she too almost died that day but a powerful force came to lift her up reminding her she still had Mike and me to tend to, and sure enough the gift of life blessed us soon with baby Barbara. We were back in England then- Woolwich, no herding buffalo and feeding wild monkeys there. It was high rise living carrying Barb’s big pram up and down concrete steps. Happy times with visits from the family, all come down to see the palace – not ours of course – Buckingham! and our local pride and joy, the Cutty Sark.
On the move yet again we made it back to Merseyside – all camped in one room for a while, back where Edna and all her brothers and sisters were born. Exotic coconut and lime juice traded in for auntie Dolly’s bacon butties, Uncle Willy’s kind soul, and Auntie Elsie’s cream tea. Finally we were given a council house to rent, a bus ride from the seashore. A garden for dad to grow his veg, back woods for us to play and room for just one more – Our own little Debbie arriving near Kenny’s birthday. Life continued on with lots of love and laughter. Still not much money but needs were met, mum taking on part time jobs wherever she could – Cadbury’s for one and dinner lady too. There were regular visits to Burnley to see dad’s family, and holidays at Pontins. There was opposition from dad when I wanted to leave home at 18, but mum gave her blessing, encouraging me to follow a dream. Mike too left soon after to join the army, serving in Ireland. They still had the girls at home and in 1980 with a surprise win on the horses mum booked flights to America for them all. Dad’s health was fragile I remember and she was determined to show him the wild west, since he had an affinity for cowboy hats, the Beverly hillbillies and the song ‘home home on the range’. I was spun into a panic, still a struggling actress – how on earth was I going to show them a good time, but I needn’t have worried as mum was bound and determined. ‘It’s now or never’, she had said, and over they came. We enjoyed a cabin in Yosemite, with pa panning for gold just like Jed Clampett, mum winning big on the Las Vegas slot machines, and Barb and Debb having fun at Disneyland. Not to mention me almost killing them all when the car I had rented had a blow out in the middle of nowhere. Had they waited a few more years I could have introduced them to Clint and Meryl and Barbra Streisand of course, but there would be no second visit for pa……………………and mum had known that. Over the years Mike and Ann had given her 2 grandchildren, Michelle and Kerry to enjoy and Barb and Ged, gave her Hannah and Luke, and what with Lynn and Carol and their broods not so far away, there was never a dull moment. Edna made it to Spain to meet my Javier, and back again to America many years later- New York to see Betty. And Debb and Graeme showed her the outback of their beloved Sedona…………
So…… it any wonder that Edna’s shoes would one day wear out? Mum went on to survive a serious stroke and make a complete recovery, and for a while there we thought she was invincible…………
Perhaps the greatest blessing is that after managing to circumnavigate the globe give or take a few countries, Edna managed to live her final years at home. Mike became a grandparent himself, and that made mum a great granny 3 times over now…Finley, Will, and Holly are the newest kids on the block. Me – I did my best to simply just keep coming home, even when I knew it would mean saying goodbye yet again. But its thanks in greatest part to the dedication of my 2 little sisters, Debbie who continued to live with mum and Barb living just a back field away. They have been the carers, the nurses, the dutiful loving daughters keeping mum safe and helping her on that final journey home. Perhaps the lasting miracle is that mum passed over on the same day as dad- July 20th – Let’s think he was waiting in the wings for that final dance, having had lots of time up there to polish his quick-step……No left feet in heaven! And so………………….Let the last words come from that little autograph book from the end of the war…..